America First Energy Conference

The America First Energy Conference is organized by The Heartland Institute, a free market think tank at the forefront of denying manmade climate change.

Joseph Bast was the director and CEO of the institute from its inception in 1984 until 2017. Heartland has deep ties to ExxonMobil’s climate denial campaign and is now funded by the Mercer family who are generous supporters of Trump and Breitbart News. Heartland works closely with network of right-wing funders and climate-denying think tanks including Competitive Enterprise Institute, CATO Institute, CFACT and others.

In Heartland's words:

"The point is that believing in global warming is not "mainstream," smart, or sophisticated. In fact, it is just the opposite of those things. Still believing in man-made global warming – after all the scientific discoveries and revelations that point against this theory – is more than a little nutty. In fact, some really crazy people use it to justify immoral and frightening behavior."



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red ream

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Heartland Red Team

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