The Washington Post- Heartland and the Mercers

“The Mercers, Trump mega-donors, back group that casts doubt on climate science”


Reporters Matea Gold and Chris Mooney of the Washington Post published an exposé of the Heartland Institute and their wealthy backers, the Mercer family:

“The atmosphere was buoyant at a conference held by the conservative Heartland Institute last week at a downtown Washington hotel, where speakers denounced climate science as rigged and jubilantly touted deep cuts President Trump is seeking to make to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Front and center during the two-day gathering were New York hedge fund executive Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah Mercer, Republican mega-donors who with their former political adviser Stephen K. Bannon helped finance an alternative media ecosystem that amplified Trump’s populist themes during last year’s campaign.”

Read full Washington Post piece here. 

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