Red Team List Revealed- Climate Investigations Center

“Heartland Institute’s Climate Red Team Lists Revealed”


red ream

Kert Davies of the Climate Investigations Center reveals an attained list of Heartland “red-team” nominees meant to debate the scientific basis of climate change:

“The Heartland Institute is frustrated that their yearlong campaign to create a ‘Red Team-Blue Team’ debate on climate has failed.  Leaked internal email reveals their anxiety and desperation that the Trump team isn’t doing enough to kill action on climate change.  In what appears to be retiring Heartland director Joe Bast’s swan song, things are not going as planned.  But they haven’t given up.  New strategies include targeting President Trump directly on Twitter as a work around on Pruitt who they don’t trust. Good luck with that….

Late this summer, a source gave us the lists of ‘scientists’ and ‘economists’ that the Heartland Institute submitted to the EPA.  Heartland says it sent these names to EPA as part of their collaboration to launch a Red Team-Blue Team debate.  In the leaked email, Bast mentions his “list consists of around 150 climate experts I assembled and sent to folks at EPA in response to their request for recommendations…””

Read full Climate Investigation Center piece here.

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