Heartland Recommends Convicted Sex Offender- Huffington Post

“Conservative Think Tank Urged EPA To Consider Convicted Child Sex Offender For Climate Panel”


Sex Offender

Alexander Kaufman of the Huffington Post reports:

“In 2008, Oliver Manuel, a nuclear chemist whose crank theories about the sun alienated even ardent climate change deniers, was convicted of attempted sodomy of his 11-year-old daughter. Nine years later, his name appeared on a list of scientists proposed to the Environmental Protection Agency as arbiters of climate science for a national debate meant to provide Americans “true, legitimate, peer-reviewed, objective, transparent discussion about CO₂.”


The Heartland Institute ― the right-wing think tank that, after years of defending big tobacco through the lens of “smokers’ rights,” has become a leading proponent of climate change denial ― included Manuel on a spreadsheet of 205 scientists and economists submitted to the EPA in May for a planned red team-blue team exercise to debate the threat posed by climate change. HuffPost first reported and published the list on Wednesday….”

Full Huffington Post piece here.

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