Jeff LandryJeff Landry will be speaking at the America First Energy Conference.

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Jeff Landry is the Attorney General of Louisiana who has collected roughly $480,000 from oil and gas industry campaign contributions from 2009-2018. Landry is a former U.S. Representative for Louisiana’s 3rd congressional district.  While in congress, Landry signed the No Climate Tax Pledge by Americans For Prosperity, a Koch funded political campaign group. Landry also voted yes to bar EPA from regulating greenhouse gases and was in favor of opening the outer continental shelf to oil drilling

In the past Landry has said he saw the slowing of federal law enforcement under the Trump administration — at least where the environment is concerned — as a plus. Or at least for the oil and gas sector. Despite that statement, at a conference in 2017, Landry said he felt that Obama’s EPA had let the wind industry off the hook by failing to prosecute Migratory Bird Act violations. Landry went on to say that he doubted whether a business can even commit a crime because there are so many “levels of employment responsibility”.

Landry has encouraged big money in politics by suggesting the oil and gas industry become more involved in the political process. Landry advises that oil and gas campaigns, “get involved in the political process on the front end” because it will pay “a tremendous amount of dividends.”

Landry praised Trump’s decision to withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.