David Schnare america first energyDavid Schnare will be speaking at the America First Energy Conference.

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David Schnare is an outspoken climate change denier and was strongly opposed to the EPA under the Obama administration. Schnare was temporarily appointed to the political team leading the EPA for the Trump administration, however, he resigned two months after inauguration. According to an August 2017 article at The New York Times, Schnare clarified that his reason for resigning was Scott Pruitt’s mismanagement of the agency.

Schnare has 30 years of previous experience as an EPA lawyer. Schnare was also General Counsel at the Energy and Environment Legal Institute which has reportedly taken money from the coal industry. Schnare has often harassed climate scientists. He once sought to uncover evidence of scientific malpractice by pursuing the emails of climate scientist Michael Mann, who at the time was a professor at the University of Virginia. Schnare ultimately lost the case.

Schnare believes that the IPCC’s science “could be wrong. But it could also be right. And, what if the IPCC predictions are true? Then, as the first truth states, it’s too late, and the climate scientific community has admitted as much.”

He has also criticized carbon capture and storage of CO2 stating: 

“Those of us familiar with the coal-fired power plant industry have long recognized that CCS may be slightly more than a pipe-dream, but will never be affordable or practicable for the vast majority of coal-fired plants. Yet no one in the bureaucracy has had the courage to stand up and refute this politically correct but scientifically bankrupt concept.”