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Dr. Harold (Hal) H. Doiron is a former NASA scientist who helped successfully eliminate certain stabilization issues in the space shuttle design.

Since his retirement from NASA, Doiron has become a voice for climate change denial. He has frequently worked with the Heartland Institute, appearing on podcasts and speaking at their annual Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) conference.

Doiron is part of the group The Right Climate Stuff (TRCS), a group of retired NASA engineers who promote climate science denial. Their stated purpose is to “determine the extent to which burning fossil fuels can cause harmful global warming.” Representing TRCS, Doiron has presented at University of Louisiana-Lafayette, where he promoted the idea that climate alarmism is causing “irrational energy-related decisions.”

He has also spoke at the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Crossroads conference, promoting the idea that the climate models scientists and policy makers rely on are un-validated.