James Enstrom america first energyJames Enstrom will be speaking at the America First Energy Conference

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Enstrom is a controversial figure who has accepted funding from the Philip Morris tobacco company and the Center for Indoor Air Research (a tobacco industry front group). Enstrom has published research that contradicts scientific consensus about the health effects of secondhand tobacco smoke, also known as environmental tobacco smoke, or ETS. Enstrom is also a well document climate denier.  Enstrom was featured in the documentary, Merchants of Doubt, that compares the denial of the health risks of smoking by Big Tobacco to the denial of climate change by Big Oil.  According to his bio, Enstrom’s recent findings, “that fine particulate matter does not cause premature deaths in the United States, particularly in California, undermine the primary public health justification for the Clean Power Plan and other US EPA regulations”. These findings are favored by the fossil fuel industry.

In retaliation to Merchants of Doubt, a leaked email shows that Enstrom suggested filing ‘grievances’ with Stanford and Harvard targeting Dr. Naomi Oreskes, the author of the book which the documentary was based on.  Ironically, this was after Enstrom claimed he was wrongfully terminated from the University of California Los Angeles which he said was an attempt to “purge an academic dissenter.”