Kevin Dayaratna america first energyKevin Dayaratna will be speaking at the America First Energy Conference.

Kevin Dayaratna is the Senior Statistician and Research Programmer at the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis. His areas of interest are statistics and statistical models. Dayaratna writes reports for Heritage attacking climate modeling and supporting the expanded use fossil fuels.

Dayaratna refers to climate change as a “theoretical threat,” and that addressing it is a waste and misallocation of taxpayer dollars. He attributes the current temperature increase to Earth recovering from the Little Ice Age and, in the same article, states that “no consensus exists that man-made emissions are the primary driver of global warming or, more importantly, that global warming is accelerating and dangerous.”

Dayaratna is also a regular contributor to the Daily Signal, the Heritage Foundation’s news outlet. He has used this platform to attack “bogus global warming models,” and argue that our vast oil supply can “make America great again.”

Dayaratna has been nominated for the Science Advisory Board, an entity created in 1978 to provide, “independent advice and peer review on the scientific and technical aspects of environmental issues to the EPA’s Administrator.” According to reports, it is very likely that the Heartland Institute recommended Dayaratna for nomination.