Tim Huelskamp america first energyTim Huelskamp will be speaking at the America First Energy Conference.

Desmog profile 

Tim Huelskamp is the current president of the Heartland Institute, taking over Joseph Bast’s long held position in July 2017. Before becoming head of the Heartland Institute, Huelskamp was a representative for Kansas’s 1st congressional district from 2011 to 2017. In February 2015 he was the chairman of the Tea Party caucus.

During his 2016 re-election campaign, Huelskamp received funding by major conservative groups Americans for Prosperity and Club for Growth, both Koch run political action committees. In addition to PAC contributions, Huelskamp’s top donor from 2005 to 2016 (political lifetime) was Koch Industries. In the same time period, the oil and gas industry was his biggest contributor, totalling just over $250,000 dollars.

In 2013, Huelskamp was a signatory to Americans for Prosperity’s “No Climate Tax” pledge. By signing the pledge, Huelskamp promised to “oppose any legislation relating to climate change that includes a net increase in government revenue.”

In 2015, Huelskamp revealed to the Huffington Post that he thought the science surrounding climate change was not “settled,” stating “I don’t think there’s a scientific consensus on that.” He then went on to say that he believes congress should reduce regulation and have environmental protection be on a voluntary basis.

After the Trump administration announced that they will be destroying the Clean Power Plan, Huelskamp had this to say in a October 2017 Heartland Institute press release: 

“The war on fossil fuels is nearing an end. This is a wise, science-based decision by Administrator Scott Pruitt and President Donald Trump. The real winners here are not only coal miners and coal states, but all those Americans who simply can’t afford massive increases in their energy bills as a result of the Clean Power Plan.”